Monday, 17 November 2014

A Spectacle Set in Stone: Mantri Lithos

Mantri Developers Review

Mantri Developers are the leading name in real estate in South India. It was established in 1999. In just 14 years of its existence, Mantri Developers have etched a mark in construction.  It has laid importance to style, architecture and design other than just brick and mortar.

Mantri Developers review reflects that they have launched a project- Mantri Lithos.It is located inside the magnificent Manyata Park.  This project is a perfect blend of adventure and excitement but in style. According to Mantri, Lithos is “a spectacle set in stone”.

Mantri Developers Review Bangalore

Mantri Lithos is all about innovation and style, architecture and design and most importantly carefulness with nature. It is a milestone project for Mantri Developers crafted with ‘eccentric shapes’, ’rebellious structures’ and ‘maverick contours’. It is the architecture which makes it stand out from the rest which is inspired by Nature rock Formation.

For the same, this project is seen as a waft of breeze in the architecture world. Manyata Park is one of its high points along with swimming pool, health club, multi-purpose hall, squash court, etc. Mantri’s signature is its love for nature and so they give you beautiful landscape with water bodies especially penthouses with landscaped rooftops. Mantri Lithos is just for you if youare adventurous as it is “just not for everyone’.